HZ | Energieanlagen GmbH

Energy means life.

We provide energy.

What would the world be like without energy, without electricity? Could we still picture a modern, comfortable life without them?

The time in which we live is energy-hungry: energy is needed everywhere to offer man a humane existence, to keep industry and production running, to trade and to allow digital communication – even in remote and inaccessible areas of the Earth.

Here at HZ ENERGIEANLAGEN, we have specialized in power generation technology. Be they mobile or stationary installations or installations in need of repair or overhaul, we design and implement systems which generate electrical power and bring it to people and machines – even in remote areas. Our work makes the world a little bit more worth living in.


Wer wir sind. Wie wir denken. Was wir tun.


Mobile. Stationary. Retrofit.


Dieselgeneratoren. Komplettanlagen. Komponenten.